All Smiles

I am thrilled and my energy is infectious! Late last night I heard that I was approved for a rental in the Old Southwest part of Reno. I’ve been looking since April of this year for a place but it’s been a difficult search as I have a pit bull and my income from the University is somewhat limited.

Recently I had put out a public plea for help on Facebook that I was desperately looking for a place and could anyone help me with some leads. A work acquaintance replied that her place might be up for rent soon and that she’d put in the good word for me. It worked!

So at this 1 Million Cups that I’m hosting by myself (Zachary had already flown out of town for the summit tomorrow), I almost can’t stop glowing and jumping up and down in excitement.

Then, one of my favorite people in town, Sharon DeMattia, is presenting her business, Art Inside Me, for the 1MC audience. She was one of our first presenters over a year ago. Her speaking style has grown in confidence and presence since that first presentation. I felt like I was attending a motivational speaker’s event!

I’m not sure if it was the news about moving into my own place, or her polished presentation, but I could not stop smiling all morning!

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