It’s a been a while since I’ve been in the kitchen working on sweet treats. And now that I am again, I can’t understand why I’ve been away for so long!

Oh yeah, I’ve lost ten pounds in that time… Well, let’s keep losing and keep making sweet treats! In particular, my biggest downfall are the salted cashew caramels I made last Sunday before the Super Bowl. My Packers weren’t playing so I wasn’t too concerned with missing the first quarter (and apparently it wouldn’t have mattered anyway!).

Salted cashew caramels

Salted cashew caramels – cut and wrapped individually.

The caramel recipe I’ve been experiencing with lately I think has finally been perfected. Maybe… I’m thinking about trying a whiskey or scotch caramel this weekend. I’ll definitely be taking pictures during the process. Want to follow my pictures in real time? Follow me on Instagram @kbj_rno or Twitter @krystabjackson

Here are all caramels wrapped up! Well, minus some that I ended up eating while working away…

Wrapped caramels

Traditional, pecan and salted caramels wrapped and ready to eat!

(You can see the jar to the far right – less filled than the others – that’s the salted cashew caramels I couldn’t stop eating)

Next I packaged some up to send off two of my favorite people 🙂 They need to be spoiled with some sugar love too!

Shipping some love

Sending off some sugar love!

Plans for this weekend – another batch of caramels this time experimenting with a whiskey or scotch caramel. Especially with pecans! /drool


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