Early Morning Flight

I forgot to set my alarm.

This is the first thing that wakes me up at 5:01am.

Luckily for me the alarm would’ve only been for 15 minutes earlier, but what a panic to wake up to!

I quickly throw on my clothes and wash my face. As I’m brushing my teeth, my best friend’s husband (my husband-in-law as it were) shows up to give me a ride to the airport. I struggle to explain between scrubbing my molars that I’ll be just another two minutes. He rolls his eyes as he doesn’t believe me.

Ok, so he was right. It took me five minutes to get together. No makeup, no coffee (ack!) and a bit hungover from the Chardonnay that I enjoyed too much the night before. Luckily my husband-in-law is forgiving!

I arrive at the airport and realize that I didn’t pack a sweater for the colder weather at my destination. Oh well, time to buy a new sweater anyway, right?

And luckily(?) I’m in the C group for boarding my plane, so I had plenty of time to grab the largest black coffee money can buy in the airport before taking off.

What a way to start the trip to a global summit eh? haha

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