Gift and Estate Tax law

One of the classes that I’m taking this semester is Gift and Estate Tax. Many people let go a sigh of commiseration when I tell them this.

But I love tax law!

Well I love practicing tax law on clients’ returns but I certainly am not in favor of this particular tax law.

It is the most equitable law from a purely theoretical point: after all, we all die eventually. However, the tax code is one of the most progressive and tricky-to-plan-for taxations out there. Difficult to plan for as the law has been changed often since it was instated in 1916.

And so of course, my professor assigns me (along with half the class) to argue for the estate tax. How’d she know this would be worlds harder than the other side for me? She’s evil! And one of my favorite professors as she obviously loves tax and teaching.

The assignment of arguing your case is due tonight. So far, I’ve been able to poke holes in other arguments made by the con side. But only because some have weak debating skills. Others make points that I’m completely in agreement with. What’s a girl to do?

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