House of Genius

House of Genius. An ominous name yet one that intrigues new attendees every time we throw one.

This quarter’s meeting has been particularly unnerving as organizers since we didn’t have our presenters lined up until the day before. We booked a beautiful spot in downtown Reno, the Wild River Grille. It’s historic and central, and more importantly donated the food to the event as well as their space.

For those of you who have not yet attended a House of Genius event, it’s similar to 1 Million Cups in that its goal is to help small businesses and startups as they try to grow in our area. The business presents for five minutes and then the group in attendance gets to ask questions and provide feedback. It’s much more structured than 1 Million Cups, so there’s a more formal feel to the event but by the end, everyone’s a friend.

The event also has the caveat of being invite only and first name based. This makes each one unique which is fun for us organizers (and also a source of our stress! haha). We try to invite people that most likely don’t know each other to add to the mystery and the diversity of opinions in the room. It has served as a great catalyst for new work relationships and friendships when we do our job right.

Britton Douglas-Griffin is the new lead organizer, and I’m lucky to be a part of her team. It’s another one of the great events that make me proud to be a part of this Biggest Little City.

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