March Madness!

And no, this has nothing to do with college basketball.gamification

I’ve decided (once again!!) to take a hard look at myself and my habits. I’ve felt a slide away from things that are important to me and it’s those small, daily decisions that make the bigger picture. And I am a bit worried that I may be sliding back into a depressive period. My last therapist suggested that when I notice the gradual sink of a depressive mode to get up and do a small task – like flossing or vacuuming – that makes you feel accomplished even if it’s just a little thing. I’ve also been hearing more and more about the power of gamification. And so the seeds of a self-improvement project started to germinate!

The¬†first thing is that there will be no television for the month! I’ve somehow gotten addicted to several stories and now way too much time is being eaten away staring at the boob tube. And another sabbatical from social media! Both are insidious as they slowly creep into more and more of my productive time.

And then onto the gamification part: a points system. I created a list of areas that I’d like to improve about myself. Like the fact that my housecleaning tendencies aren’t the best and that I fall asleep too often without washing the makeup off my face. After creating a list of both daily tasks and one-offs, I awarded them points based on time but also the amount of hatred for the task itself (or sometimes just how long I’ve been putting it off – vacuum cleaner that I have to ship back, I’m looking at you). Some examples from the daily tasks: flossing gets me 5 points, clearing out my emails gets 3 while both yoga and meditation get 8 points each. So I have ten daily tasks that I want to increase and were I to accomplish them all, it would be 58 points. The goal is to hit 100 points every day and so I’ll have to do several one-off tasks each day, or possibly just one (rake out the carport finally¬†– ugh).

I hope to report back in a month with wonderful results!

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