New Year’s Resolution: complete!

Every year I try to set and complete a scary New Year’s resolution. This year was a particularly scary resolution: sky diving!

Now I can hear some of you scoffing already – sky diving isn’t that scary. Well for me, it is! I’m terrified of man-made heights and don’t do that well on normal planes. Let alone tiny ones that you’ll be jumping off of. Even writing about it now makes me nervous!

So I made the resolution way back in January of course. And then dutifully bought my ticket in May. But it took a good friend of mine to finally make the reservations for me to do it. (Thanks Dan!) So last Saturday ended up being D-day. And an 8am jump meant we had to leave Reno around 6am to make it in time. Some of you may not realize, but I am most assuredly not a morning person.

Sky-diving was just as terrifying as I thought it would be. I will not diminish that at all. Though I’m pretty proud of the fact that I did not throw up!

I think the part that was most surprising was that I started to get excited. ME! A definite non-thrill seeker of the adrenaline variety – more of a “is that tasty?” thrill seeker. As we watched the group ahead of us float down to the ground, I thought, “This might actually be fun!”

I still had nervous giggles though.

Then it was our turn and we piled into the smallest plane I’ve ever been on with just a thin plexiglass door. I was almost excited to jump out…

And then – we did! The wind whipped past and I could hardly breathe. And then we opened the chute and WHOMP! It felt like we hit the ground it was so hard. Then the long (like 90 second) beautiful descent.

About to jump out of a moving plane!

Krysta Bea Jackson about to jump out of a functioning airplane.

Wow! A plane!

Wow! A plane!

Which way is up?

Which way is up?

After that last one I think I finally got the hang of it! The only problem with sky diving photos is that your cheek and neck skin tend to look awful! Haha also, I kept forgetting that photos were being taken and in stead looked around at the world rushing up below me.

Krysta goes sky diving!

Krysta Bea Jackson goes sky diving!

Once we were safely landed, the tandem guy asked, “So, are you going to go again?” I lied and said yes. While I wouldn’t not do it again, I certainly will not be seeking out that opportunity. That was terrifying!!

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