New Year’s Resolutions

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I love make new year’s resolutions. And each year, I try to make five goals for the year as it seems to be a reasonable number to achieve to keep in mind and therefore achieve. If you’ve read this blog before, you may have come across a 2015 NYEprevious posting about accomplishing one of those resolutions.

One of the main tips you hear repeated over and over for successful goals and resolutions is accountability. In addition to the more common SMART goals you may have heard referenced before, which you can read a short article I wrote for Entrepreneurship Nevada here. Accountability can be achieved through a couple of different methods, one of them being public announcing. This creates a feeling of being responsible for achieving goals since the “world” knows you said you wanted to do so.

And so, keeping in line with that goal – here are my five 2015 New Year’s Resolutions (wow this is surprisingly nerve-wrecking to list):

  • Health goal: Fitness as an everyday habit (actionable goal – one push-up, one sit-up and run to the corner of my block every day [key: stupid small])
  • Financial goal: Live with enough and within budget (actionable parts – absolutely no credit cards, limited debit, as much as possible with cash and a goal of 150 days not spending money)
  • Whole life goal: Opening myself to new social opportunities that aren’t work related (actionable goal – volunteer with a theatre company or similar)
  • Career goal: Keep taking risks and challenging myself (actionable goal – write out business plan for that idea I’ve been toying with for three or more years now)
  • Scary goal (always the best goal and hardest one to share about): Be confident in my body (actionable goal – run down Arlington Ave in daylight in sports bra/top with no shirt)

That last one is SCARY! And not just because I labelled it so. Even when I was running long distances every Saturday (usually 8-10mi but often more) I wouldn’t run without a shirt on top of my sports bra/top. However, I can’t help but be impressed and inspired by the many women that do that. So this year, without being a running-addict (though after my master’s I hope to go back to being labelled as such), I’m going to achieve this goal. And you know what, I’m kind of surprised that I think this is scarier than jumping out of a plane! Good gracious! Well I’ve got a full eleven months until I absolutely have to do this! haha

Create SMART goals. Achieve ambitious ones. Here’s to a great 2015!

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