No Normal

It’s another hectic Monday and I’m running from my home office onto campus. I’ve been up since 6am and working from 8am. I’m feeling quite frazzled since I took over a week off for a family and emotional emergency, and now I just feel behind.

There are over 250 emails sitting in my seven inboxes. Luckily, or unluckily, most are revolving around two events that I’m coordinating and will be over in the next two days. At least this isn’t normal.

That seems to be the story that I tell myself each week. This isn’t normal. Soon this too shall pass.

My first meeting on campus is for the Entrepreneurship Club. A small but enthusiastic group of mostly undergraduate students who want to start their own business. I feel bad sometimes because I feel like a vampire trying to drink all their enthusiasm for sustenance.

And today particularly paid off! The group had several females in attendance which is exciting for me. Working in this field, you don’t often see women leading startups and ventures with potential for growth so I end up getting used to seeing a lot of white men.

Two of the ladies talked with me afterwards, I think they may have been just as excited to see a girl in an advisory role as I was to see them. Seeing their excited energy gave me loads of excitement myself, this is why I’m ok with no normal.

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