Recharging Abroad

One thing I often hear bragged about in entrepreneurial circles is how little people sleep or how people don’t take time off. What a mistaken value! Time off has been show to increase productivity (one of many articles regarding that here) and also happiness (an article here).

Holiday lights in Dublin, IrelandBesides the benefits above, which quite frankly seem obvious, there’s also the fact that space apart from your project allows you to come back to it with potentially fresh eyes. One of my larger projects, the Biggest Little Storefront, has been stalling and the last two weeks away have been incredibly helpful. I was able to identify a few key stumbling blocks and create some ideas for how to overcome them.

And for me, time away is incredibly recharging. Of course, I get the time away from inane emails and social media work. However, a huge benefit, especially of traveling abroad, is seeing both their challenges economically and how they are tackling the issues. Working in economic development, specifically entrepreneurial development, mixed with my dorky love of economics in general, allows my observant eye to pick up all sorts of differences in our economies and strategies. It’s always interesting to see the differences and shows me that often our difficulties are not that bad. It’s incredibly easy in America to dare big and bold on starting your own business and we celebrate those that do it. We may have our issues, but traveling abroad makes one appreciate the business climate in America.

So where did I jet off to? Dublin for Christmas, London for New Year’s Eve and a quick jaunt to Paris. I’m thankful for the opportunity to explore and travel, and I’m equally thankful to be back and ready to plunge into work. I’ll post a quick wrap up of the trip soon!

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