The Big Move

2014-09-29 21.31.00

An adorable Muttley in our new living room. Isn’t the rug the cutest?

Oh thank goodness! I’m in my new place!

For those of you unaware of my home life: I’ve been living in a house with my mother and my grandmother. Living in a multi-generational household is a wonderful gift. I grew up in a household of four generations of strong, capable women and credit much of my success and tenacity to those women shaping my upbringing. And when my grandmother had a stroke which brought on vascular dementia, it was an obvious choice to move her back into the house with my mom and myself. However, as is apparently not that in-frequent, my grandmother is suffering from paranoia and confusion. Because of this, I have suddenly become the enemy.

We have been close throughout the years, but lately she’s been randomly attacking me verbally. And the last time was physical as well. It was time to move out. A surprisingly difficult decision to make as I feel responsible to take care of her as well as help out my mom as much as possible with this difficult phase of life.

Anyway, I had been looking for months for a place in a particular part of town. If I were to move, I only wanted to move to a place that was perfect. So finally, after three months of searching and being a day late and a dollar short, I put out a public plea on Facebook. And it worked! A work acquaintance, who is quickly becoming a friend, contacted me. She was in the neighborhood I wanted and was moving out!

So I got to move in last Thursday night. It is a cute house in the most desirable neighborhood in town! It was built in 1937 and has the original tile in the bathroom. So it’s just me and the pets in this cute house in the best part of town! How wonderful!

The only thing that has been difficult is that the house is quiet without three other people. So I finally bought a television (turns out it’s my first TV that I’ve ever purchased!).

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