The Pursuit of Happiness

This past year, or really, the time that has passed since the year began (2017 – you are a cruel mistress), has been quite challenging for me. Personal challenges that include my close grandmother passing away after several years of battling dementia, and business hurdles that included the expansion project I had worked on for six months being suddenly ripped away from me. These larger issues, among so many small ones, have made for a year that has challenged my sanity and constant struggle with depression. After last week, I decided enough was enough. I will be happy darnit!

And so begins the happiness project, or the pursuit of happiness. While many things may go wrong, or continually go wrong, I will strive to be happy every day. And for under $10 a day.

The project began on Saturday, July 8th, 2017. I woke up hungover (too many beers yes, but more importantly, no food) and upset with myself. This is not the person I want to be. I am not happy.

So an effort began to make myself happy – and for cheap since I’m a struggling entrepreneur. The first day was a hike at a beautiful spot in California which is roughly 45/60min away from here. While the hike itself didn’t cost anything, the gas to get to the destination certainly did. I will be counting that as well!

My main rule will be keeping to a running average of only $10 a day, but I may evolve other rules as we go along. And I want to document this daily at least on Instagram and Twitter (feel free to follow me there!) but I feel like I should check-in at least weekly here with how the Pursuit is going. So stay tuned!

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